The Story of Betty's Stamp Pad
--As told by Betty

I started stamping when several of my friends began inviting me to their homes to make cards. I thought it sounded interesting so I went. As time went by, one of my friends had a demonstrator visit from "Close To My
Heart". Although I found her interesting, she really caught my attention
when she mentioned that I could become a demonstrator and make money
to pay for my stamps. Of course, I joined "Close To My Heart."

Now that I was a demonstrator, I found that more and more people really
liked coming over to my home instead of having parties in their homes. Everyone began to want more than stamps, so I began to offer fibers, charms, ribbons, and other various items that a "Rubber Stamper" may use.

After about six years of holding classes and taking over an office and two 
guest rooms with supplies, my husband, Ray, said, "Honey, I love you dearly, but please don't grow any more." At that point one of my friends 
said, "Why don't you open a store?" Well, Ray looked at me a said, "Go for it!" My friend reminded me that it would now be a "Job" so I should think about what I would be getting in to.

About two weeks later, Ray found a store for me. We set up shelving and 
other equipment and then went shopping for inventory. After buying what 
we thought was tons of product, we found that it was not nearly enough to 
make the store look full. We had to spread inventory out to give the appearance that we were fully stocked and hoped for some sales so that we could go shopping again.

Within one year, we were busting at the seams, forcing us to move in to a 
larger store. Again, we had to spread thing out to make the new store look 
full. Soon thereafter, we had to start scrunching things closer together instead of spreading them out, so that we could make room for more and 
more products.

Thanks to my wonderful customers, and not wanting to grow any larger, we now find it necessary to put things on clearance to constantly make room for new items that keep coming in.

In June, 2006, we went to visit a friend and found out that she was retiring 
and was selling all of her inventory. Again, my husband, Ray, looked at me 
and said, "Go for it!" So, we purchased "Old Town Crafts" in St Mary's, Georgia. After moving what seemed like an endless supply of stamping 
"stuff," we finally got everything into our store. Also, with this purchase, 
we now have our own line of stamps, embossing powders, glitter and a convention, The Creative Palette Convention.

Whew! We held our first convention this past February of 2007. It was a 
huge undertaking, but after a few glitches were worked out, we found it to 
be a success!!!

With all this, we have now been able to become distributors for several companies. In order to handle our growth, we have decided to keep Betty's Stamp Pad separate from Old Town Crafts. Our retail customers can shop at Betty's Stamp Pad, while wholesale customers can do business with Old Town Crafts.

A special thanks to all of you for our success!!! We just won the "Retailer of the Year" Award by Rubber Stampin' Retailer, for the 2nd year in a row!!! This award is awarded in two categories of Over and Under $100,000 per year in sales based upon highest percentage increase over a two year period. We won in the under $100,000 category.

Again, we THANK YOU for our success!!!